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How To Style A Branded Tee
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How To Style A Branded Tee

I’m rarely one to wear tee shirts anymore, but lately I’ve been inspired to pull some out and style them in high-low business casual combinations in this transitionary Pre-Fall season in San Antonio, while I’m still mostly working from home. The mornings are breezy and cool here, but the afternoons are really warm; while it’s still not quite time for outerwear or heavier sweaters, up-styling a good branded tee does the trick. There are a few cherished fashion tees I’ve kept in my wardrobe throughout the years, but the new tee I’ve been sporting recently is, of course, the Happy, Not Satisfied shirt that has launched the merchandise shop of Dan’s and my new side hustle company & mindset movement that we started together during quarantine. Here are some ideas for how to his- and-her style a branded tee, whether your look is low-key (like Dan) or fancy (like me):

My Style:

  1. Baubles & Bangles: The more the merrier. They will always add a touch of glam to any outfit, and bring a little jingle jangle to your (digital) meeting rooms that will brighten the mood.
  2. Accessories: A great pair of classic cat-eye sunglasses (or statement shape of your choice) and a bold lip will dress up a look with a touch of timeless Grace Kelly eleganza that just never goes out of style.
  3. High-low mixed pieces: Exhibit A- my cape is Michelle Mason (a hand-me-down, click HERE for a similar item), and my denim shorts are from Target (mine are old, click HERE for a similar item). Exhibit B- my belt is an old Paloma Picasso piece from the 90s (a hand-me-down) and my penny loafers are from Target (mine are old, click HERE for a similar item). It’s just about creatively shopping your closet and mixing pieces in combinations that are outside of the box. HERE is the HNS tee that I’m wearing, in white.

Dan’s Style:

  1. Understated & Sleek: Sticking to this aesthetic makes the athleisure vibe of the tee look more elevated. Dan loves his Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers, he has two pair that he wears with almost everything.
  2. Monochromatic & Minimalist: Matching colors that keep you camouflaged as opposed to conveying, “here I am!” HERE is the HNS tee that Dan is wearing, in black. Dan is the monochromatic minimalist to my patterned maximalist. But, as they say, opposites attract.
  3. The Perfect Fit: Dan has on a pair of black corduroys from J. Crew (click HERE for a similar item) that are very slimly tailored to him. The better the fit of the pant, the more effortlessly polished the look comes across. Just because the tee gives off a more relaxed vibe does not mean the outfit has to be sloppy!

SHOP THE LOOK below to get your Happy, Not Satisfied tee shirts and tag us on social media @eleanoramorrison and @danieldmorrison when you wear them! We want to see you in your HNS gear, joining us in the pursuit of continuous growth and the joy that comes from it!


Stay happy, not satisfied–


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