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5 Ways To Make Your Living Space Feel Like A Getaway
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5 Ways To Make Your Living Space Feel Like A Getaway

When it comes to a styled living space, homes that stand out most to me are the ones that tell stories. If your home is a reflection of your life, it should embody your narrative. This is something I have started to pay attention to more closely over the past few years, and with each living space we’ve inhabited, I have become more in touch with what that means for us.

As a married couple who recently downsized from a 1500 square foot house to a 735 square foot apartment, we made a concerted effort to only keep the things that we believed truly represented our interests and told the history of our relationship. We kept curated items that reveal our quirks, display our passions, document our travels, and represent our partnership with one another.

Throughout our travels over six years together, we have noticed that our favorite homes and hotels we’ve stayed in have always made us feel like we stepped into another little world that allowed us to escape from our own. When we moved this time, we were intentional about incorporating elements into our apartment to create a daily escape in our space. I’ve collaborated with the Soho, New York-based boutique design studio Krause Sawyer to share some insights on what they do best: inspired, thoughtful interiors. Here are 5 suggestions to help turn your living space into a getaway:

1. Collect art that means something to you


2. Invest in luxury bedding


3. Use scented bathroom soap


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4. Find playlists that create an atmosphere
(and a good sound system to set the mood)


5. Designate a signature fragrance for your home,
and spritz away


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