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How Passion And Perseverance Can Build A Career Of Significance
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How Passion And Perseverance Can Build A Career Of Significance

By Janet Holliday

I am often asked what the most important key to my personal and professional success is. Obviously, it is a hard thing to pinpoint as each person has their own journey. However, no matter the person, success requires a great deal of hard work and a great attitude mixed in with hope, faith and luck. If you are committed to staying on the high road and weathering the enormous ups and downs of life’s circumstances, then you must have the marriage of Perseverance and Passion to live a successful and significant life.

We do not get to pick the hand we are dealt, but we do get to decide how to play our cards. No matter what has come my way, I have been able to dig deep into a sense of optimism, even in failure. I didn’t develop that skill overnight, but have learned to endure difficult situations by embracing mentorship and allowing myself to be encircled by a strong support system, especially other capable and caring women.  

There is a lot of talk for women to lean in and be empowered to lead. Yet, this requires you to lean on others, ask for help, and really be a dedicated team player. For me, I have found that when I let go of control, judgement and fear of failing that I gain the most traction and receive the best outcomes. I am proud that I have built a business that is all about loving what I do. The number one thing that makes me and my company thrive is that I am either standing on the shoulders of someone who came before me, learning from someone who is right behind me, or letting my wisdom and lessons learned lift us all up. 

I have persevered by not always playing it safe, but by realizing that there is freedom in changing and evolving. Most of all, I have put my energy not into getting to a destination but knowing the importance of the journey. I stand in the gift of each day, and always bring passion, joy and the strength I’ve found in loving who I am to what I do. Perseverance and passion have allowed me to lead a life not measured by success, but by significance. 

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Janet Holliday


For over 28 years, Janet Holliday has played a leading role in executing some of the most successful large-scale events throughout the countryJanet’s name has become synonymous with excellence when it comes to executing the highest level of strategic event-marketing campaigns and comprehensive marketing programs for companies and organizations of all sizes. Her entrepreneurial spirit has launched the CE Group into many areas of event-based marketing, including expanding the company to include six core divisions. A breast cancer survivor and an active community leader, Janet currently serves as a board member of many non-profits and organizations around San Antonio, Texas, where she resides. Connect with Janet at The CE Group and on Instagram @thecegroup

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