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Dressember: How You Can Help End Human Trafficking This Month
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Dressember: How You Can Help End Human Trafficking This Month

Join Me and My Sister-In-Law Jennifer Morrison In Our Dressember Challenge: Because #ItsBiggerThanADress

The first time I learned about human trafficking was fairly recently. It was 2014; I was at a table read for a TV pilot script that dealt with the issue, and I remember the director of the project painting a vivid picture for everyone in the room about the realities of this horrific injustice. At the time, I was so appalled I didn’t want to believe her. The truth is, there are more than 30 million people trapped in slavery around the world today. That adds up to a $150 billion-dollar illegal industry, and in the U.S. alone, the estimate is $60 million. 

Last week I learned about a digital movement that’s doing something to help, and it’s called Dressember. It’s an organization that fights to stop human trafficking across the world and has raised over $3 million since 2013. During the month of December, thousands of women participate in the Dressember challenge: to wear a dress every day and post it on social media. The women who participate are sponsored and the monies raised afford grants to help victims escape trafficking, as well as support the restoration and employment of survivors. Since today is December 1st, the challenge begins now, and you’re invited!  

Source: @jennifermorrison.

My sister-in-law Jennifer Morrison and I are teaming up on social media to raise awareness and funds for the Dressember Foundation. We hope you’ll be part of our efforts. You can find our team’s fundraising page here under Jen’s name, and my personal fundraising page here. In addition to participating in the Dressember 2017 challenge with your current wardrobe, you can also wear a dress from the Dressember Dress Collection, proceeds of which go towards ending trafficking. To view the 2017 Dressember dress collection, click here. OR, you can wear an official Dressember “Ask Me About My Dress” pin to a public event.  To view the pin collection, click here.

Don’t be afraid to repeat dresses, and men are encouraged to join the challenge too- either wearing bow ties or dresses. We’ll be watching for your #ItsBiggerThanADress, #Dressember and #DressemberMen tags and photos to like and engage with. Together we can help shed light on this dark reality. No effort is too small, and every dollar of support helps!

We can’t wait to see your dresses!

and Jennifer Morrison

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