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Home Tour: The Morrison Bungalow
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Home Tour: The Morrison Bungalow

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Our home was recently featured by California interior designer Jacquin Millhouse-Headen on her award-winning blog Interiors by Jacquin. She interviewed me about my career transition from fundraising and public relations to full-time writer and digital content creator, and about how I styled our newlywed home to marry (pun intended) both Dan’s and my tastes on a budget. Read the article HERE.

After the feature went live on Jacquin’s blog and on social media, I had lots of inquiries from my digital friends about where they can find items we have in our home so I decided to write this post. As I told Jacquin, our home is decorated with a mix of antiques that are either on loan from family or inherited, and budget-friendly contemporary pieces that we were either gifted for our wedding or had before we were married.

I enjoy the challenge (both with fashion and home decor) of repurposing vintage finds or hand-me-downs and pairing them with budget-friendly pieces to create elegant and sophisticated looks that best reflect who I am. In the case of our home, the styling has to reflect who we both are, even though I naturally gravitate toward glam meets rustic interiors and Dan would prefer minimalist meets midcentury modern. That’s a lot of genres, so our homes will probably always have a little bit of an eclectic and collected feel. That’s the beauty of making it all work.

Thank you for all of the home tour love on IG! I feel like my taste is continuously evolving, and I already wish I could tweak things I loved just a year ago. I’ve learned, however, to relax into the growth process instead of trying to rush to the finished product. The fact that our palettes refine over time means we will always be adjusting, so we should enjoy collecting pieces when we can and not be overly concerned with perfection.


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