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Hello Dolly: Ruby City Unveils Its 2020 Fiesta Medal

By Eleanora Morrison

Today would have been the first Friday of Fiesta 2020. Although our beloved city-wide celebrations have been postponed to later dates this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no skirting around the fact that the next few weeks are going to feel a lot emptier without the parades, the confetti, the flower crowns, the music, the food and drink…the community camaraderie that we cherish and enjoy year after year. Traditions are traditions, and it’s going to feel different without them this Spring.

Fiesta’s delay hasn’t stopped San Antonians from sharing their enthusiasm, however. Creatives, artists and small businesses throughout the city have been spreading the Fiesta spirit on social media, and contemporary art museum Ruby City (which opened last Fall) made the week much brighter when they unveiled their 2020 Fiesta medal on time, regardless of our socially distanced reality. The Dolly Parton-inspired memento is called “Role Model,” and was designed by contemporary artist Jen Frost Smith, aka @yogurtlump.

@rubycity Instagram

The words “Role Model” inscribed in her hair are to remind us that we can find beauty wherever we choose, love our flaws, and express our uniqueness, while not giving a damn what others think. –Jen Frost Smith

I received mine in the mail today and I couldn’t help but to share it. It’s inspiring, joyful, chic and iconic (just like Dolly) — and it’s sure to brighten up your time of isolation as a reminder of the vibrant, vivacious celebrations we will all enjoy on the other side of this uncertain time. Medals are selling for $15 at Felíz Modern, and are available online at, and through their Instagram @felizmodern.

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Medal by Jen Frost Smith. Collage by Eleanora.

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