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Meet Hannah Zunker, The Movement Maker Behind Florecer Femme
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Meet Hannah Zunker, The Movement Maker Behind Florecer Femme

Strong women. They raised me, shaped my life, and taught me to be fearless and independent. Strong women taught me to be proud that I am a woman. To the world, the past year was the Year of the Woman. To me, the past 28 years have been the LIFE of a woman. Empowering and showcasing strong women is not new, but it is bigger and better than ever before and I am proud to be a part of it.

In early 2018, I was soul searching. In that moment, I looked toward my strengths and values for guidance. I asked, ‘what am I good at and how can I use my talents to do what I love?’ I am a positive, hard-working, and motivated person and I love being surrounded by strong women. I realized I could use my talents to create the #femmepowered environment I wanted to be in.

That is how I came up with Florecer Femme. Florecer means to flourish in Spanish and femme means woman in French. Florecer Femme is an online and in-person community providing opportunities for women to flourish. Florecer Femme fosters a woman-empowering culture and is open to all women– professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, corporate ladder climbers, heads of households, you name it. Florecer Femme curates events and workshops that elevate your personal, professional, and creative self. Feel broad? It is! I like it that way because as women continue to evolve, Florecer Femme will too.

On February 2, I hosted my first New Year #GOALS event. At this event, we focused on motivating women to set and achieve their 2019 goals by presenting three powerful speakers in a beautiful space filled with food, music, and positivity. Our goal-setting community does not stop there; we will continue to hold each other accountable and push each other to reach our goals throughout 2019. I have never felt more empowered than at the end of that day.

I am so honored to be able to serve these women. I look forward to the growth and opportunity that lies ahead for Florecer Femme. I do not know where it will go, but I do know I will continue to surround myself with strong women.

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