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Keep Your Gemini Friends Close and the Other Half of Them Closer
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Keep Your Gemini Friends Close and the Other Half of Them Closer

By Alyssa Haddad

You guys, Spring is here. The sun is out, flowers are blooming, and I’ve already been attacked by a swarm of bees. I, like most humans, love Spring. In New York, the first true day of Spring is like turning a light on in a basement. We all come crawling out of the caves we’ve been hibernating in, desperate for our eyes to adjust to the brightness, thankful for the touch of warmth coming from something other than our microwaves. When Spring hits in New York, we know that it’s finally time to break out our leather jackets and hit the nearest rooftop bar.

My favorite part of Spring, however, is a hard one to talk about. People tend to have negative opinions just at the mere mention. But, in an act of courage, I’m going to be honest and in doing so, wear my heart on my sleeve. My favorite part of Spring *deep breath* is that it is finally Gemini season.

Yes, Gemini season. Enough to send single personalities running for the nearest fallout shelter. Geminis are polarizing. We are widely considered by some to be the worst sign in the zodiac. Having dual sides tends to scare those into thinking that we’re two-faced or inauthentic. Some of our most vocal celebrity Geminis aren’t great representatives for us, made up of a population of Kanye West and your least favorite politicians. But I’m here to end the Gemini slander once and for all.

Eleanora happens to come from the helm of Gemini minds, so I’m dedicating this month’s column to plead my case. Use this upcoming Gemini season to celebrate as a Gemini would. Change your mind about a minuscule decision 45 times. Book a plane ticket to Spain as you’re pulling up to the airport. Invade your friends privacy and interrogate their social lives. I kid, but in actuality, the spontaneity and creativity that Geminis inhibit is something that we could all use more of in our daily lives, and is a theme that is so representative of Spring. So this season, remember to keep your Gemini friends close, and the other half of them closer.

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Alyssa Haddad

Alyssa Haddad


Alyssa Haddad is a Brooklyn-based Playwright and Screenwriter. Her plays have been presented at the Capital Repertory Theatre, Theater for the New City, Sundog Theatre, Kraine Theater, and The Midtown International Theatre Festival where she was the recipient of the Playwright’s Award. She is an alumna of Living Room Theater’s New Play Incubator Lab and a current member of New Perspectives Theatre Company’s Women’s Work Play Lab. She is also an Artist-In-Residence at Adams State University’s Rare AIR program. Connect with Alyssa at, on Twitter @AlyssaSwagdad and on Instagram @AlyssaHaddad.

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