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Food For One: Klare Perez’s Satisfying Response To Being Sheltered-In-Place
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Food For One: Klare Perez’s Satisfying Response To Being Sheltered-In-Place

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By Eleanora Morrison

I’ve been admiring Klare Perez’s work for a few years now. Klare and I met at a local coffee shop beneath my old apartment. She was working there during the day as a barista, and we would catch up when I came down to order my lactose-free Latte with a generous dash of cinnamon.

Last week she posted on Instagram about her latest photography series, Food For One, in response to being sheltered in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is something so strangely satisfying about it that I just had to share the images. They feel clean and cinematic, remind me of Napoleon Dynamite, and make me crave the simpler Saturday morning meals of childhood.

Klare Perez is a multifaceted photographer focusing on portrait, lifestyle, street, and documentary photography. She maintains a sincere passion for cultivating community and capturing moments that normally pass unseen.

On her medium: For me, photography is a form of communication–storytelling, and a method to create beautiful timeless images.

On her inspiration: The biggest inspiration for my work comes from Vivian Maier, Diane Arbus, Annie Leibovitz, and Irving Penn.


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Klare Perez, in a recent self portrait.

Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

Learn more about Klare Perez Photography and book a studio session at Connect with Perez on Instagram @klareperez

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