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These Winds Are Welcome Here
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These Winds Are Welcome Here

By Eleanora Morrison

Those of us who live in Texas know that a day of cozy, cool weather is both a rarity and a luxury. The gusty breaths of a new season are beginning to blow in, and I have every window of the house open while I work. I welcome these winds, for I have always found comfort in change.

Change repels many, but it attracts me. This October, for whatever reason, I have a feeling that a shift might be coming that I haven’t yet anticipated. Perhaps the mere ushering in of the final three months of this globally challenging year is enough of a transition to awaken my intuitions…but perhaps it’s something more.

Since the first of September, I have been spending my days tucked away creating for clients in my home studio office. It’s interesting what we have been collectively forced to see through different eyes in 2020, and the obstacles around which we’ve had to re-orient to get the job done. It wasn’t until I thought to move my desk to the windows during the COVID-19 shut down that I was inspired to spend time in here. I am content and productive in this room, nestled amidst the treetops, lost in the faraway lands of the editorials on my mood boards.

The boldest headlines on the boards reflect themes of hope, escape, country life, and “fast-forwarding” to big dreams. I’ve been making these for long enough to know that what I rip and snip out of magazines and collage together is a reflection of my deepest desires and inner most subconscious, and various aspects of these creations always tend to manifest. The beautiful mystery of it all, though, is that I have no control over just when or how these daydreams become the realities that I speak out loud.

Happy Fall to all,

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