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Well-Dressed Women With Well-Dressed Minds
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Well-Dressed Women With Well-Dressed Minds

By Eleanora Morrison
Photography by Vincent Gonzalez

And we’re off! After months of preparation and a whirlwind launch, ELEANORA’s wheels are up; she is officially in the air and climbing, soon to approach her cruising altitude. As co-pilots of our shiny new vessel, Melissa Delgadillo and I set out on our pioneering voyage with a mission of why we were exploring alternative editorial territories with our magazine, but it has become clearer to us each day as to what exactly we are looking for, who the women of true influence are, where our stories are coming from, and how to give authentic voice to championing the everywoman’s impact regionally, nationally and globally.

In four weeks, ELEANORA’s stories have reached and garnered readers in ten different countries, engaging audiences from ages 15 to 65+. Our grassroots efforts to share diversified voices in the digital space yielded over 100,000 collective social media impressions in our first few days live. We hoped our concepts would translate universally, but we never expected they would travel this far this fast. 

With such an enthusiastic organic response, Melissa and I realized that we could make ELEANORA’s content even more relevant and wide-reaching if we extended the editorial of our “S.H.E Is” feature stories into a subsequent issue, representing women in our region, the greater United States and around the world who embody “Her Influence” (in this case, Carmel Snow’s) in their daily lives. If you missed our “S.H.E Is: Carmel Snow” September feature, you can catch up HERE.

Original artwork by Natasha Duke

Carmel Snow’s career story left a deep imprint within us, as her mission for Harper’s Bazaar as its Editor in Chief in the 1930’s-1950’s was to be a magazine for, “well-dressed women with well-dressed minds.” We made her coined phrase the editorial current of our October Issue, and it reflects how we feel “Her Influence” (Snow’s) can be found most universally today: in the women like Natasha Duke, a fashion artist in Moscow, Russia whose stylishly powerful digital sketches grace our cover this month; or like Sarah Flint, the entrepreneur in New York City whose timeless designs empower public figures and world leaders like HRH Duchess of Sussex, Meghan (Markle) and Amal Clooney to Walk Like A Woman in their daily lives, in her shoes.

In addition to our features, we invited contributors to share editorial that represented their higher-level thoughts on topics that meant something to them. You’ll read original prose, thoughts on our national educational system, a passionate ode to oceans and environmental preservation, and much more as the life of our October Issue progresses.

On the front of local outreach, we are sharing an editorial series called “A Charmed Life” in this month’s pages, in collaboration with regionally-revered and nationally-acclaimed jewelry brand Kendra Scott, highlighting personal stories behind the launch of their new Charms Collection at the La Cantera location in San Antonio, hosted by ELEANORA. Stacia Newton, the Community Relations and Events Manager at the La Cantera store, shared her thoughts on leadership with us that will be released later in the month.

As the winds change and whirl us into autumn, may the freshness of a new season re-awaken your inner magic. We hope you see your own reflection in ELEANORA’s stories, experiences, curiosities, challenges and triumphs, and for that to inspire you to carry your head high and put your best foot forward wherever your path may lead, on the quest to conquer your dreams. Thank you for your warm welcome, your readership, and your support in helping us to realize ours.

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