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How To Style A Coffee Table
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How To Style A Coffee Table

8 Tips For Putting Together This Focal Piece In Your Living Room

When it comes to designing interiors, it’s all in the details. I have a fascination with styling and re-styling my coffee table, and observing how others put theirs together. They are important pieces because they usually sit in the middle of a main gathering room. For that reason, in my opinion, they’re a great opportunity to curate a balanced representation of your personal life and style. Here are 8 ideas for items to put atop your table:
3. Coffee table books that represent your personal interests
(Stack these in odd numbers- rule of 3’s is a good one to apply here.)

5. Fresh flowers

(Suggestion: tulips, orchids, or hydrangea.)
8. Decorative tray
(For a few magazines / coffee table books)

Happy decorating!

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