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Classical Music Institute Leadership Stories: Mariana Vela, Marketing Co-Chair
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Classical Music Institute Leadership Stories: Mariana Vela, Marketing Co-Chair

I remember meeting Frederic Chopin for the very first time as a kid. Yes, that’s how alive the music felt. My brother would often play the piano–particularly Chopin repertoire–with such dedication that it spiked my curiosity. So, I would sit, listen, and observe, which is unusual for a hyperactive child. Music breathed as paper notes transformed between the delicate and robust dynamics of piano keys. It revealed a form of intangible freedom–one that could not be bound by thoughts or words. This early introduction to classical music has helped me to understand why such an art is integral to the human experience. The Classical Music Institute’s mission immediately drew me in. (Unless it was Chopin’s spirit.)

Throughout four years, I’ve seen how quickly students change with music education. They’re ready to learn, even at 8:00 AM during the summer. It only takes one given opportunity. CMI provides that opportunity for youth, especially in underserved areas, so that they may discover how their talents can positively change communities. At the heart of living, we all seek to connect and relate. CMI allows students to connect with the world by first working with high-caliber artists of multi-cultural experiences. The most wonderful part about CMI is the people working hard behind the scenes to see these students succeed. A true image of service and community.

–Mariana Vela
Marketing Co-Chair

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