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What You Can Do Right Now To Help Nourish San Antonio Healthcare Workers On The Front Lines Of COVID-19
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What You Can Do Right Now To Help Nourish San Antonio Healthcare Workers On The Front Lines Of COVID-19

By Eleanora Morrison

If you are currently at home and wondering how you can help our San Antonio community during the COVID-19 pandemic, local restaurant The Good Kind just shared word of their new small business coalition, Be The Good Kind, assembled to support small local businesses and healthcare workers simultaneously during this challenging time. The Good Kind restaurant Founder Tim McDiarmid on why she gathered the coalition of women-owned small businesses:

It’s a passion project and one we know addresses a big issue. We keep hearing that the [medical] staff on the front lines don’t have access to the types of foods they need: quick, easy, healthy fare. So, we are feeding the doctors and nurses who are working immune-boosting, fresh food they need, especially at this time.

How the program works:

Purchase a gift card at any of the Be The Good Kind participating businesses (see below for the list), and 15% of the proceeds from your purchase go directly to buying food from local farmers and The Good Kind’s local vendors, whose food is used to prepare what the coalition is calling “Bowls of Goodness.”

Be The Good Kind: A Coalition of Like Minded Female Small Business Owners joining forces to bring good food to good people.

Your money has a two-fold positive effect: 1) you are helping small local businesses in need, and 2) you are feeding good food to our heroes. The following women-owned small businesses are the coalition behind Be The Good Kind:

Your Sassy Chef


Felíz Modern

Frost 321

Foundation Culinary

Slab Cinema


The Good Kind

Sweat Equity

The Good Kind is delivering these “Bowls of Goodness” straight to the local hospitals to nourish medical staff. Learn more and get involved HERE. The Good Kind is also accepting donations of any amount at this time.

To connect with The Good Kind, visit and follow them on Instagram @goodkindsouthtown. To connect with the Be The Good Kind initiative, visit

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