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Announcing Content Creation & Digital Strategy For Brands & Businesses
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Announcing Content Creation & Digital Strategy For Brands & Businesses

Eleanora Is Now Proud To Offer Content Creation & Digital Strategy Services For Brands, Businesses & Organizations

Thank you to everyone who has trusted us to tell your stories over the past four years, and to the individuals, companies and collaborators who have generously invested in the growth of the Eleanora brand and community–both on and off line. It has been a wonderful, enriching journey to work with dozens of San Antonio artists to create content that has been deeply meaningful for us.

We first began including others in our storytelling efforts through producing authentic editorial features, and when we received continuous feedback that our integrated and imaginative storytelling approach helped the brands and businesses we featured gain exciting exposure, we started to experiment with offering sponsored editorial features. We received more feedback that these opportunities were yielding a high return on investment, and we began to expand even further and formalize these services in the form of contracted creative direction and content production for brands and businesses.

I have always believed in the power of our own community, and the example it can set for the rest of the world. As we expand our platform from our own storytelling content to include strategic creative services for brands, businesses and organizations, I remain committed to investing in our own creative community, and serving as a leader to contribute toward cultivating a robust creative industry in my beloved home town, San Antonio.

Rather than looking elsewhere for creatives to tell your stories, I humbly hope you continue to consider trusting the talent in our own back yard for the job, and extending opportunities for professional and creative growth to those eager to represent San Antonio as rising voices of leadership. Eleanora is here to help, and here to serve.

With sincere gratitude to all who have supported the beginning of this journey thus far, I thank you, and I hope to work with you soon.

Eleanora Morrison
Founder & Creative Director

Enable Your Brand To Become An Effective Voice of Leadership

In an age when every brand and company is expected to be their own storyteller, it can feel daunting to communicate in the digital space and overwhelming to convey an organization’s core values when nuance is imperative, yet tone is a moving target that changes weekly. As we are called to engage in global conversations, strategic communication has never been more important than today.

With over a decade of storytelling, communications and digital content creation experience, Eleanora can help your business with strategic creative direction and digital content production to ensure that your brand not only remains relevant in its growth, but that it emerges as a voice of leadership that earns consumer loyalty, both online and off.

Click below to learn more about our recent content campaigns, clients and collaborations. Interested in hiring Eleanora? Email to inquire further.


We produce award-winning content in collaboration with San Antonio’s talented creative and digital media professionals, investing in our own vibrant community and culture:
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