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All The World’s A Stage
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All The World’s A Stage

By Eleanora Morrison


here comes a time in everyone’s personal and / or professional lives when we have to take the stage for something, ready or not. Whether taking the stage is literal or figurative, performing in the ever-changing narrative of our own existence with an always growing cast of characters is analogous to an actor’s preparation as they stand ready in the wings to step out and honor the shared experience of being human through a fictional character’s story, and deliver that connection to an audience.

So much of life is spent trying to get ahead of ourselves and on to accomplishing the next big milestone that sometimes we forget to actually live. And oftentimes, the least expected surprises are the gifts that deliver us the most joy.

Regardless of our callings, our careers and the paths we choose, practice makes perfect…or at least preparedness for the moment we meet opportunity face to face.

Our culture has made the many years of practicing a craft and waiting in the wings before it reaches its fullest expression seem lackluster in glory, and most don’t share the stories of these years. But it is what we do in the darkness and how we prepare ourselves in the wings that allows us to step into the light in our full glory.

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When we find our light in life, the world needs to see it. Be authentic, shine brightly, and give those around you the joy that you feel from allowing yourself to be who you areChances are, you’re the greatest star.

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