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All The Creative Corners
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All The Creative Corners

By Jennifer Morrison and Eleanora Morrison

Julia Morrison Summers touches every element of life with her creativity. As a woman who wears many hats, Julia garnishes her life with a passionate flow of creative inspiration.  Whether it is as a singer-songwriter, a music therapist, a mother, a partner, a sister, or a friend, her unique talents and perspectives shape the world around her.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” –Pablo Picasso

Julie’s ability to nurture with creativity feels especially worth appreciating these days. She makes her own stop-motion animation videos to accompany the lullabies that she records for her patients; she sews teddy bears from old t-shirts as gifts to give from her and her children during the quarantine; she paints and draws; she plays piano, guitar, violin, and harp; she illustrates books; she invents music to share and to teach; and she makes the most healing grilled cheese sandwiches when you are having a bad day.

All that does not even begin to express the moment to moment magic that follows her as she plays pretend with her kids while also composing music for her own work.

To celebrate her for Mother’s Day, we are highlighting some of our favorite JMS covers and original songs, in the hopes that you too will be inspired to incorporate a bit of creativity into all the corners of your life.

Original song by JMS, “This Day”


“Rainbow” Stop-Motion Lullaby
“Stay Awake” Stop-Motion Lullaby


Watch more of Julie’s videos and subscribe to her YouTube channel HERE.

Happy Mother’s Day, Julie! We love you!

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