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A Charmed Life: Lauren Aguirre
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A Charmed Life: Lauren Aguirre

Her Kendra Scott Style Story
The Charms Collection

The Caterpillar
The caterpillar charm tells my story. There is so much that is still unwritten. I feel that I have not yet reached my butterfly phase. I am still just crawling around, trying to find my way in my career. As a hair artist, I work at a salon as an apprentice, and I am working towards growing into my own independence as a stylist. The caterpillar represents this stage in my life.


The Stone
The stone charm also tells my story. They are formed under pressure. My past that has led me to San Antonio put me under a lot of pressure, whether it was self-inflicted, or from my family. I realize now that something beautiful can always come from it. Pressure doesn’t have to squash you. You can come out of the process as beautiful as this stone.

–Lauren Aguirre


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