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2023: The Year I Nourish Creativity

We’ve all heard the catch phrase, “New Year, New Me.” As trite as it sounds, I think there’s something to it. I always have the urge to mentally start fresh with a clean slate at the beginning of the year–to reset and recalibrate, to regain control over my own intentions and inspirations, and to come out of the gate in a gallop toward my goals.

These intentions differ each year, and they aren’t always abundantly clear. But today in my yoga practice the word “nourish” rang in my head so loudly that I couldn’t ignore it. I’m declaring 2023 the year I nourish me and my creativity.

Of course, after a pregnancy there is plenty of physical nourishment and self-care that I am prioritizing and making space for. But as I near the end of my maternity leave and prepare to transition back to work full time, a realization has dawned on me while I’ve had some slower time at home to reflect.

I have experienced tremendous growth professionally and personally over the past few years, between my (remote) corporate marketing job in Texas, building our film and TV production company here in LA, and becoming a mother. But creatively, I’ve been neglecting my artistic persona, ELEANORA, as I’ve been called to nourish everyone and everything else.

The truth is, I enjoyed huge creative momentum from 2017 through 2019, when my primary focus was founding and nurturing this platform. But in 2020, I had no choice but to pivot and keep my head down (as most everyone did when the pandemic began), to serve and build other endeavors—new clients, a new corporate job, new business partners, my family…all throughout a cross-country move, the launch of new projects, brands and businesses, the expansion of existing ones; and on top of all of that, I brought a child into the world, who is now officially no longer a newborn. Phew.  

Entering 2023, I feel a calling to come back to my creative truth. To reconnect with the energy that gives me an invigorated sense of purpose and a personal mission that infuses my days with curiosity, collaboration and inspiration. I’ve been aching to return to ELEANORA — to honor all that this platform stands for, and to nurture its unique point of view.

In preparation for this recalibration, and in attempt to excavate my creative energy through an ounce of daily action, I looked up the definition of the word magazine in the dictionary. According to Miriam-Webster, magazine (noun) means:

  1. A periodical containing miscellaneous pieces (such as articles, stories, poems)
  2. A similar section of a newspaper usually appearing on Sunday
  3. A radio or television program presenting several short segments on a variety of topics

This has been ELEANORA’s recipe all along, and I didn’t even realize it. It’s always been a “kitchen sink” of content. A dash of this, a hint of that, made with a whole lot of passion and love, served up for whoever chooses to enjoy. From stylized editorials to live conversations, to interviews and productions, to contributed pieces, to curated issues and beyond, I’ve always followed my creative curiosity and allowed it to inform this platform’s identity.

In 2023, ELEANORA returns. I will publish a produced piece of content on Sundays. And in addition to editorial, I will be featuring media collaborations and conversations with other creators.

If this formula officially makes ELEANORA a digital “magazine”, then that’s what we’ll call it (again). Years ago I released the pressure to create under that label, but for some reason seeing this definition made me understand and own my artistic inclinations…and so, off we go.

I’ve committed to putting one foot in front of the other as I allow myself to fall down the rabbit hole again and become re-acquainted with the magic of the creative process. I hope we cross paths in wonderland in 2023.

Cheers and Happy New Year,

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